Golden Eagle Holistic Health Sensitive Cat


Holistic Sensitive Grain Free 43/19









Golden Eagle Holistic Health® Sensitive GrainFree 43/19 Cat is designed for all adult cats, especially for cats with food sensitives, being grain-free. Over 85 % from tasty chicken and containing all the minerals and vitamins your cat needs.

Ingredients: Chicken meal, Potato, Chicken Fat (preserved with vitamins), Brewers Yeast, Beet pulp, Chickenliver gravy, Cranberry, DL-Methionine, Taurine, Selenium, FOS BioHealth™ (betaglucans and mannaoligosacharides), MOS MicroHealth™ (inulin), vitamins and minerals. No artificial preservatives, colorants or flavourings.
Contains specially healthy natural and holistic supplementation MicroHealth™, BioHealth™ and Lactohealth™

Quaranteed analysis:

Protein min 43 %
Fat min 19 %
Fiber max 3,0 %
Ash max 9,9 %
Magnesium max 0,13 %
Vitamin-A min 15.500 iu/kg
Vitamin-D min 1.250 iu/kg
Vitamin-E min 70 iu/kg
Copper max 12 mg/kg
Calsium max 2,3 %
Phosphorus max 1,4 %
Omega-6 min 3,1 %
Omega-3 min 0,9 %
Taurine max 500 mg/kg


Daily feeding guidelines*:

Cat weight (kg) Daily feeding amount (g)
-2 30
3 40
4 50
+5 60+

PREGNANCY - Increase food by 10% in week 7, and 20% during weeks 8 and 9

*The daily recommended serving is only a guide as requirements vary considerably from cat to cat, its activity and environment. Feed in one meal per day, or ideally divide into two meals using 1/3 in the morning and 2/3rd in evening. Feed dry with separate bowl of water or moisten with warm water to bring out the flavour. Have fresh water always available. Store in a cool, dry place

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